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Evoking the charismatic timbre of the Jacksons, chased with a splash of present-day urban soul, Marck Angel is a highly versatile music artist whose soft, yet skilled, countertenor vocal styling is only matched by his talent for songwriting and producing. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a potent dose of urban dance and choreography to add to his palatable agenda. Born & raised in Queens, New York, Marck heavily credits a melting pot of influences such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Ralph Tresvant, El Debarge and Marvin Gaye. The impact of these multi-talented artists helped to generate Marck’s diverse interest in dancing (on beat) at age 2, singing at 4, writing songs at 10 and producing them at 16.


In 2008, Marck Angel officially exploded onto the ever-growing underground music scene via, then social media juggernaut, MySpace. Riding the wave of this popular media platform, Marck entered the playing field with a refreshing sound and a provocative image; he decisively led off with his smash internet single “Game”. The melancholy strings and staccato drum driven track was penned and produced by Marck himself, with co-production credited to his long-time friend and production collaborator, Jose “Joey2Tone” Batista. Marck juxtaposed the ubiquitous internet single with his first music video, “Game. The Video.” The clip was hailed by many music industry execs as “MySpace’s video of the year”, and received tens of thousands of views, highly due to its suggestive choreography and simple, yet creative cinematography.

Climbing off the critical and popular success of "Game", and following up with a promotional leak of his second popular release, “Love Lesson 101” (also written by Angel and produced by Batista), Angel relocated to Washington, DC and embarked on touring and promotion by performing across the country, headlining several music events (OUTMusic Awards MixtapeLIVE Concert, and NYC, Atlanta & DC Prides), interviewing and receiving heavy spin rotations on major web radio shows (DaDoo-Dirty Show and BetterDaysRadio), appearing on TV Shows (Late Night with DJ Baker and GloTV), featuring on popular blogs (The Skorpion Show, TheFutureForward, ADTV and 3LWTV) and appearing in magazines (SGL Weekly Magazine, Metro Weekly and Pride TV)... just to name a few.


In 2010, Marck released a promotional single entitled, “Go Baby Go”. The self written and produced single instantly burned up the internet and social media forums with over 5000 downloads within its first week of release. He then smartly, followed up with the release of its highly anticipated, hip-hop edged remix, “Go Baby Go (Remix)”, which featured uber-rising rap stars Bry’Nt and Kaoz. The single went on to earn Marck a 2010 OUTMusic Award nomination for "Outstanding R&B Song".


In 2011 and 2012, more major milestones were laid in Marck's career - he released the ubiquitous single and dance video, “Deep” - the pop-dance infused theme song to the highly successful motion picture, “Finding Me: Truth”. The track garnered Marck his second OUTMusic Award nomination for “Best Song on a Soundtrack” and a RightOUT TV nomination for “Best Video So Far” later in 2013. He also released the DJ Swanny River produced track, "Earth Angel", featuring up & coming rapper Billy Hood - which spawned another OUTMusic Award nomination for "Best R&B/Soul Song" and won the Out Hip-Hop Music Award for "R&B Song of the Year".




Ever-striving to become a consummate entertainer, 2012-2013 saw Marck setting out on a national US tour hitting multiple major cities - of which he sold out the legendary New York Irving Plaza. That same year also presented Marck's first on-screen dive into the world of acting - featuring as the character "Dominic" in the popular series "Finding Me: The Series" (and currently, in the new spin-off web series "Deka-Log: A Finding Me Story"), and also starring as the principle character, "Brad" in the series, "CockTALES".





















2013 & 2014 marked the ubiquitous “AngelDust” era for Marck Angel. At the opening of 2013, Angel leaked the pop/rock teaser track, "Nothing" from his then forthcoming album, "AngelDust". Later that year in November, he released the official lead single & video for the provocative club-banger, “Positions”, and also released his highly anticipated LP, "AngelDust"... all on the same day. The predominately up-tempo set featured nine tracks (of which Angel wrote & produced seven himself) with production delivering an eclectic menagerie of Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Jazz and Soul; while lyrics covered heavier topics such as domestic violence, depression and sexual promiscuity, to lighter pros about partying, dancing and romantic love. The album’s title, “AngelDust” - slyly referenced “being ‘high’ on ‘self’… but in a positive way”. Angel described it as his journey of “self-discovery, self-empowerment, self-esteem, self- control… all the things that deal with maturing, growing and finding oneself… culminating into self-love”.


Proving to be a musical juggernaut, “AngelDust” went on to spawn a total of 5 top ten singles across multiple indie & LGBT music charts (including the “LGBT Weekly Top 40” - Urban LGBT Charts). He also garnered several award nominations including multiple RightOUT TV nods for “Best R&B Song” in 2013 for “Positions”, and in 2014 for “Best R&B Song” for “Summertime”, and “Best Music Video” for “Positions”. He also received Blatino Award nominations for “Best Music Artist” three years in a row. Angel was also placed on several year-end “best lists” including DBQ Magazines highly exclusive “Talented 10 Who've Made Us Proud”and the G-List Societies “LGBT Hot 100 of the Year”. In the summer of 2014, Marck Angel also delivered an impressive tour and rounded out the year receiving the coveted “Music Award of Excellence” at the Black Pride Heritage Awards in New York; and in 2015 received the prestigious “Gentleman of Artistry Award” at the 4th Annual Gentlemen’s Ball Honors for his contributions to LGBT arts & entertainment, and consistent advocacy for LGBT people of color.


In 2016, Marck Angel released the teaser single, “Remind Me” that reached Top 20 on "The Weekly Top 40" - Urban LGBT Music Charts. Then, in 2018, the promotional single, “Maybe”, garnered 3.5 million views. The paramount single/video is the first promotional track setting the stage for his forthcoming album, “Marck Angel's: Seraphim”. The future set will sonically pay homage to the pop, rock, hip-hop, soul, and world dance music, but substantively through his lyrics speak to social issues, political rhetoric and cultural commentary.  The new socially conscious Pop LP is to be accompanied by a dramatic musical film short. 


Creativity, hard work, determination and a touch of Divine grace have helped Marck Angel create a steady and vastly growing following, and have catapulted him into a select group of highly sought after indie music artists - and most proudly into the line-up of headlining Out LGBT music artists. His artistry brings an urgent breath of fresh air to what is currently a very stark and interchangeable mainstream Pop/R&B lineup. Unafraid to approach slighted demographics, yet garnering an edge that is sure to appeal to a mainstream audience, he intends to help fill a void in an industry where it’s extremely rare to find an artist that willingly applies himself to such a high level of openness and versatility – Marck Angel is diligent in his journey to inspire the world through his music, his artistry and his life.

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